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2015 is it going to be A new year or YOUR new year?

Hi guys,


So it’s the 1st of January for yet another year. I have written several articles on how to best achieve your goal in the New Year over the past few years so I’m not going to go through that all over again. Just check out the Peter’s Castle Blog page for some of the articles on it and if you happen to have various December issues of fitness magazines kicking about then odds are you’ll stumble on one as well.

I just have one question for you; Have you DECIDED to succeed this year or are you just making the same old resolutions again, knowing in the back of your mind that you’ll probably fail again?

decide commit succeed

Sometimes it really comes down to this one simple thing; You have to DECIDE that this year it will be different. You have to DECIDE that you will achieve your goals. Until you decide you simply have no chance. I don’t mean “I’d like to lose weight so I’ve decided to give X-diet a shot”. I want you to say “I’ve decided I am going to lose weight this year” and then do something about it!

I am not going to tell you how you should stay away from fad-diets, shakes and stupid things like detoxes. You already know there’s no magic bullet. Once you DECIDE to succeed you will be able to look past the false promises of instant and easy results and put the work in.

Once you DECIDE to succeed you can plot your road to success and that’s what I want you to do this year.

interest and commitment

Whether you need to work with an expert to achieve your goals or not is something only you can decide. If you know you can succeed without help that’s great. If you decide you need a bit of help, you know where we are 🙂


Take care of yourself this year.




2 comments on “2015 is it going to be A new year or YOUR new year?

  1. insideoutfitnesshoodriver

    Hey guy, if you could get them to KEEP IT OFF, then you wouldnt need to repeat! #Thetrainer

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