Castle Personal Training

Castle Personal Training is a Corstorphine, Edinburgh based company who specialise in weightloss/toning and Pre and Post Natal exercise.

It’s all about the full package

Hi guys,

Ever since I moved into my own premises I have been keeping an eye on what colleagues are up to. There are some amazing PTs out there running very nice studios and it’s always good to stay in the loop.

Obviously my friends in the States and Australia appear to be ahead of the game with the latest fitness-trends and top-class facilities at very reasonable prices. You can find a very nice facility with plenty of amenities run by amazing Personal Trainers for a very fair price there. However the market in the UK seems very different and people are expected to go without facilities here. You should not have to settle for less so I will list the facilities we have.

Space. That rarest of things in a PT studio, we have plenty of space for our clients to exercise in. 1100 sq ft of space and a strict “No more than 2 trainers in at the same time” rule. This means there are never more than 2 people in addition to yourself in the space.

Equipment. You don’t need a lot to get fit and ripped but what you need, we have. Squat rack, Dumbbells, Corebags, Kettlebells, Balance balls, punchbag, TRXs, Olympic rings etc etc. It’s all there. If you can’t get fit in our studio, you can’t get fir anywhere!

Top class trainers. Of course all trainers working at the studio are REPS L3 qualified, this almost goes with out saying. But we go past that. Everyone we work with studies on their own time and makes sure they stay ahead of the game. If there’s a trend out there you need to know about, we know about it.

Expert and qualified nutritional knowledge. As you’ll probably know from reading previous blogs, I am massive on this. Getting incorrect nutritional information means that you can forget about getting results. We do things right, we don’t sell you anything. No shakes, no meal replacements!

expert We’re ahead of EVERY PT in Edinburgh with our nutritional knowledge.

A comfortable area where you can have a chat over a nice cup of coffee or tea or even just sit comfortably if you’re early for your session. Nobody likes being rushed through the last part of their session because someone else is standing there waiting for theirs to begin. Waiting outside if you’re early is just not right, especially in Scotland, and sometimes you just want a coffee and a chat with your PT after your session. We’ve got that covered.

lola gym The only one that might interrupt your cuppa by demanding cuddles

A complimentary water-bottle at the start of each session. Hydration is key, of course you can use the tap to fill up your own but don’t stress if you forgot your sports-bottle.

We run a pet and child friendly facility. If you can’t find someone to look after your pooch you can bring him or her along, the same goes for your kids.

happy child You don’t need to cancel if the sitter doesn’t show up.

We have plenty of off-street parking. Why would you put up with having to spend 10 minutes finding a parking space before each session? Your time is precious; drive up, train hard..go home.

need more space Need more space?

We have changing facilities; no-one in their right mind would expect you to drive in from work in your gym clothes.

Wifi; Why would you not be able to check your email, Facebook, or stick a motivational Youtube vid on for a bit of pre-session motivation.

You choose the music. Exercising to the right music has been proven to make people work harder. If you have an iPod/Iphone you choose the music to exercise to. The stuff I train to is not necessarily the sort you like to train to so bring your own.

keep going music Whatever works for you

No strange cancellation rules. We understand that live happens. Sometimes you have to stay late at work, sometimes your car won’t start and sometimes you just wake-up not feeling well. We don’t have a “24-hour cancellation” rule that many others have. We believe in a fair cancellation system.

stay late If your boss is like Batman, we promise we won’t charge.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things but can’t possibly list them all.

If you’re in Edinburgh and your PT doesn’t offer all this, you might want to think about changing Trainers.

If you don’t live in Edinburgh and your PT doesn’t offer this, you need to start looking around for another one.

Take care of yourself.



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