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Castle Personal Training is a Corstorphine, Edinburgh based company who specialise in weightloss/toning and Pre and Post Natal exercise.

Why I like to train you

Hi guys,


Hope you’re all doing very well.


One of my pre-natal, highly pregnant actually, clients just asked me “I bet training pregnant people is very boring?” and, because she was wrong, it made me think I had better write a little blog about just who I love to train and why.



1; Foodies. I LOVE training people who love food. I don’t mean “like to eat a lot of shitty food“. I’m talking about people who like to cook good food and visit great restaurants. This is because it’s much easier to get them to try something new. Someone who likes to experiment with food is much more likely to try weird and wonderful lean meats such as; zebra, kangaroo, ostrich etc. so won’t come to me saying that they’re fed up eating chicken all the time. They usually also understand portion control; when you go to a Michelin starred restaurant you don’t get served massive portions so it’s nice and easy to explain and they don’t mind sticking to it because they still get to enjoy proper food. Another plus is that they come to me with ideas about new healthy food that they found! Cauliflower pizza, Carrot spaghetti, cauliflower rice, exotic name it, they come up with it. People who enjoy food buy into a new diet a lot easier. Most of my clients really enjoy good food and cooking and it makes my job a doddle.



2; Health care professionals. I train GPs, Surgeons, Nurses, name it. About 25% of my entire client list is made up of healthcare professionals. One of the reasons I love training them is because they know what they know and they know what they don’t know. They are comfortable with me being the exercise specialist. And they obviously have a real interest in human anatomy and the human body and therefore really think about form and they also tend to really buy into what they have to do to get to where they want to be.

They also don’t tend to fall for bullshit peddled by adds and other PTs. None of my clients takes a weightloss shake, such as Slimfast, Shakeology or professionals don’t even ask me about them. They know that the best way to get great results is by eating well and training hard.

Another plus is that some of these guys are on the forefront of medical and nutritional science so that I can discuss things with them with regards to new studies etc.


coming soon

3; Pre and post natal clients. 40% of all my clients can be classed as pre- or post-natal at the moment. I love training them for different reasons.

Pre-natal clients are fun to train because they are usually amazed at the cool stuff they can still do in the first 6 months or so. They can still squat big and put in a massive leg session, they can still smash a new PB every other week. In the final trimester they are focussed and know why they’re training like nobody else’s business. I also love to hear them talk about how they are the fittest person in their Lamaz and pre-natal classes, which gives them a massive boost. A lot of mums-to-be can struggle with the changes their bodies go through and their confidence can sometimes suffer because of it. Watching them train hard and realise they are still awesome, if not more so, is nothing short of a joy.

Post-natal clients are great to train because the results they get are simply astonishing. The “New mommy body” is a healing machine when it’s guided properly. The core can do fantastic things when it comes to healing itsself. Watching a new mommy realise that not only is she still strong and beautiful but can also do everything she could before is fantastic. Watching her realise she can do more is inspiring.



4; Last, but not least, the beasts. I would say 30% of my clients fall into this category. Most people who train will view it as going to the dentist; it simply has to be done but it’s not that enjoyable. The beasts are all about being pushed hard. They are athletes, they have clear goals and they train till they are physically done. These are the guys I can give phenomenally difficult exercises and circuits to and they’ll thank me at the end of a session when they’re completely beat.

Now the beauty of having my own PT business is that I can choose my clients and make sure that we connect and therefore I can honestly say I love training all my guys.

This is why I only ever have a sit down and a chat when meeting potential new clients, I don’t do taster sessions, it’s all about that personal connection. If you don’t have a personal connection, or don’t get on, with your PT you have no chance of getting the best results. The same goes for me as a PT. When I have to get up at 5 for a 6 o’clock session I don’t want to think “Oh I hope they cancel” and I can honestly say I never do.

If you feel you fall into any of these categories; get in touch, I’m sure we can get you some amazing results.


Take care of yourself,




Credit where it’s due..stockimages used except for the female squat picture which I nicked from T-nation (one of the best fitness websites out there at the moment)



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