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Castle Personal Training is a Corstorphine, Edinburgh based company who specialise in weightloss/toning and Pre and Post Natal exercise.

Why we don’t sell gift vouchers

Hi guys,



Over the Christmas and New Year’s period the following question always comes up; “Pete, why don’t you sell any gift vouchers? I’ve got some friends in Edinburgh that could do with getting a bit healthier and losing some weight”

Now I know I’m costing myself money by not selling giftvouchers anymore but I’ve found that they are just a waste of your money. I sold some last year and found that the people who the vouchers were just not that into it and their cancellation rate was much higher than that of any of my other clients. Obviously you could say that that’s therefore easy money for the PT but it’s just not fair on the people who have bought the vouchers.



1 Commitment; You can’t get results without commitment. The choice to get healthier, fitter, lose weight etc. should always be that of the person themselves. There is more to getting fit than training a few hours a week, it usually requires a lifestyle change, and someone who is pushed into something usually isn’t ready to make that change yet.


right fit It has to fit.

2 The right fit;  Every Personal Trainer has a different skill-set. I specialise in weightloss and Pre- and post-natal exercise, others do strength and conditionining or rehab. If you are buying PT vouchers for someone you have to make sure you know their REAL goals or you could well end up buying vouchers with a PT with the wrong skill-set.

More than that; Chosing a personal trainer is about more than picking someone who knows all the right exercises.

It’s about finding someone you have a connection with, or at least don’t dislike. You’re going to spend a lot of time with your PT so a personality clash would be a disaster. All Personal Trainers train people in different ways and not everybody likes to train the same way. Some Personal Trainers only have their clients lift heavy, others only have them box and others have you do the same session every week. Now all ways might get you the results you are looking for but you have to find a PT that trains the way you LIKE to train.

Personal Training is a PERSONAL CHOICE. A PT that’s great for one person is the wrong PT for someone else.


3 Free advice is often advice not taken. You know how often free advice I give to people is taken? Hardly ever. Why do you think there are millions of people who have watched Youtube videos of exercise routines and advice who still don’t train correctly, or train at all. There are more healthy eating websites out there than you can shake a stick at but there is also an obesity epidemic. If someone has no stake in getting results they often ignore the advice, it comes down to commitment. This is why I don’t do “Free consultations”. I always sit down and have a chat with prospective clients but that really is just to see whether we get on and if I’m the best PT for them. The first session is not free. (Little disclaimer; New clients don’t pay anything until after the first session just in case they don’t like my style of training, the first session does however come out of the total Nr of sessions bought)

free advice Another reason I don’t do free sessions.


4 Don’t tell someone they’re fat, for crying out loud. Unless someone has asked, or hinted at, wanting to do PT you really are just asking for trouble giving someone Personal Training vouchers.

not fat just husky


Have a great Christmas and a tremendous New Year.




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