Castle Personal Training

Castle Personal Training is a Corstorphine, Edinburgh based company who specialise in weightloss/toning and Pre and Post Natal exercise.


Q; I don’t have a lot of space at home, can I still workout  here?

A; We find that almost every home has enough space for a good work-out. You don’t need to have a completely empty room to work out. Most living rooms or bed rooms actually have enough space. Unless you hoard like there’s no tomorrow, and the place needs a tidy up if you do, we should be able to make it work.

Q; What days can I work-out?

A; Any day, and time, which suits you is fine by us. We understand that everyone has a different life-style and different times when they can actually work out. If you want to start at 05.30 3 times a week we’ll be there!

Q; I am massively out of shape and it’s been ages since I’ve last worked out but am very keen to get going again, will a Castle Personal Training package be suitable for me?

A; Yes, it doesn’t matter if you’ve always been working out or have never taken part in any exercise. We tailor our packages to each individual client. No client is the same so we don’t use the “one size fits all” approach a lot of others use. The sessions and the nutritional advice is tailored to your life-style, your eating habits and your exercise habits!

Q; I don’t like jogging or cycling. I find it’s boring and it’s put me off working out before.

A; Don’t worry; We are not going to have you run 5 miles every day. In fact, 99% of our clients won’t be doing any jogging as part of their package. Unless you are training for something specific or want a bit of a break I can think of many more exciting, fit and effective exercises than jogging. Obviously, if want a Personal Trainer to come jogging with you every morning we’ll be more than happy to.

Q; Isn’t a home personal trainer a bit extravagant?

A; Unsurprisingly, I don’t think so. I address that question here in more detail but, in short; No, it’s not. We are usually more competitive than any gym- or home-based Personal Trainers in Edinburgh because we don’t have the overheads of 10’s of thousands of pounds worth of kit, a big building and loads of staff. Also, remember our “Bring A Friend” deal. We have this on every package!

Q; I see other Personal Trainers in Edinburgh offer a free consultation. Why don’t you do this?

A; Because the free consultation they offer is nothing more than an opportunity to sell to you, you get nothing from it. During their free “consultation” all they will probably do is; Measure your height and weight, usually calculate your BMI and maybe take your blood pressure. They will also have you fill in a Par-Q (Little form which questions about your injury history etc).   The rest of the time they will be selling you something.

Free initial consultations are not a good offer for anyone. You don’t need a Personal Trainer to tell you how much you weigh, you have a set of scales yourself. You know your own height and here’s a BMI calculator

Obviously during the initial consultation with us we also take the measurements, ask about your history etc. How else would you track your progress and keep you safe? But we won’t waste your time, and ours, by selling to you. We give you your food diary and discuss your nutrition- and exercise- likes and dislikes. We will also see how fit you are, otherwise we won’t know at what level to start you off and how to best design your program. What we, and you, want from the first consultation is a good idea of the direction you want to head in.

So do we charge you for this consultation? No, we don’t. It is never included in the Nr of sessions in a package. But we don’t make it seem like a special offer when it shouldn’t be. If you are considering working with a Personal Trainer in Edinburgh who makes a big deal about offering this ask them what they charge for packages similar to ours and then see if their “Free Consultation” was anything more than a cheap sales method to get you through the door.



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