Castle Personal Training

Castle Personal Training is a Corstorphine, Edinburgh based company who specialise in weightloss/toning and Pre and Post Natal exercise.

Blog 18-02-13 You are what you eat. (Aristotle makes a mean curry)

Hi guys, You might not know this but I am nothing if not a student of the ancient Greeks and Greek philosophy and I was reminded of the above, ancient … Continue reading

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Blog 11-02-13 3 ways to keep your motivation up. Pics, scales and Facebook!

Hi guys, This is another one as posted on Last week I wrote about your motivation for your New Years resolutions and how to kick-start them again. We’re now … Continue reading

13/02/2013 · 1 Comment

Blog 01-02-13 New Year’s Resolutions – How is your Motivation?

Hi guys, I’m going to be writing a weekly blog for, it’s a new Yoga and Fitness video website that’s pretty cool. I guess they are aiming to be … Continue reading

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Blog 29-01-13; Get it frozen and get it tinned!

Hi guys, I love to eat. I like nothing more than a tasty meal, or snack..or two. I am definitely not one of these “Food is only fuel” kind of … Continue reading

29/01/2013 · 2 Comments

Blog 04-1-13 APT and Pregnancy; Does my bum look big in this? For men; A beer belly is not always a beer belly!

Hi guys, A few Questions; For the ladies; Have you noticed that whilst you were pregnant your bum seemed to grow as quickly as your belly did? And, once you … Continue reading

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Blog 19-12-12 Dynamic planks, a vital and fast way to working your core

Hi guys, The core is just about the most important group of muscles in the body yet most people don’t do exercises that train it properly. I’ll have a closer … Continue reading

19/12/2012 · 2 Comments