Castle Personal Training

Castle Personal Training is a Corstorphine, Edinburgh based company who specialise in weightloss/toning and Pre and Post Natal exercise.

General blogs

Whether it’s something exercise specific, how to find a good PT, what to look for when dealing with Personal Trainers or just something I couldn’t file under any of the other headers, it’s all here 🙂

Why I’m giving up my Facebook page

Best Personal Trainer in Scotland or Edinburgh?

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Just tell me how much it is already!

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Free workouts that prove you don’t need a lot of kit.

5 things to look out for when choosing WHERE to train.

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Make sure you ask the experts. Some advice is just terrible.

2014; A quick recap and a look ahead

Exciting times indeed! (Free workout!)

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Judge not, and you shall not be judged.

Water, water, everywhere and yet you do not drink!

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Dynamic planks, a vital and fast way to working your core

Big Exercise Myths

Why getting a Home Personal Trainer just makes sense

What’s new and different about Castle?

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