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Castle Personal Training is a Corstorphine, Edinburgh based company who specialise in weightloss/toning and Pre and Post Natal exercise.

Peter’s Castle Blog

When will my mommy pouch be gone?

3 straight questions, 3 straight answers

Why do you train?

Who’s taking care of mommy?

4 simple ways to lose weight and enjoy life

3 steps to effective post natal training

3 things for mommies to ask when looking for a personal trainer

No such thing as a rest day

3 Questions often asked by new mommies

Here’s why the NHS is under pressure

The importance of taking 5

Should you keep training when pregnant?

Pregnant? Time to drink more.

Your Personal Trainer is not a broadband bundle

You better think

The biggest lie you still believe.

Honest, you don’t need to detox

Why we don’t sell gift vouchers

Why I like to train you

Don’t just change your diet, change your mindset

IVF and exercise

A new partner in health and another core-blaster workout for free.

5 questions you wanted to ask….and did.

3 reasons you’re not losing weight and toning up

3 mistakes new moms make in their workouts

Make the right choice when chosing a Personal Trainer

Free workouts that prove you don’t need a lot of kit.

5 things to look out for when choosing WHERE to train.

So you’re pregnant, now what?

The Bulletproof diet and how to find a good Personal Trainer

The Magic bullet theory

It’s all about the full package

Make sure you ask the experts. Some advice is just terrible.

2015 is it going to be A new year or YOUR new year?

2014; A quick recap and a look ahead.
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Blog 03-02-14; Water, water, everywhere and yet you do not drink!
Blog 21-01-14 Just because it’s “not natural” doesn’t mean it’s bad for you
Blog 01-01-14; New years resolutions? Change the way you go about them.
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Blog 15-1-13; Where have all the good guys gone? How to spot a bad Personal Trainer
Blog 10-01-13 “Remember and have your breakfast!”, I hate to say it but granny was wrong
Blog 04-1-13 APT and Pregnancy; Does my bum look big in this? For men; A beer belly is not always a beer belly!
Blog 27-12-12 The secret to succeeding in the New Year
Blog 19-12-12 Dynamic planks, a vital and fast way to working your core
Blog 13-12-12: Big Exercise Myths
Blog: 12-12-12 Big food myths
Blog 05-12-12 Exercise and Nutrition, the great stress-relievers
Blog 04-12-12 Time to DASH off; The “Superdiet” that works! (Told you so)
Blog 27-11-12 A typical healthy eating food day.
Blog 22-11-12 Why getting a Home Personal Trainer just makes sense
Blog 18-11-12 What’s new and different about Castle?

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