Castle Personal Training

Castle Personal Training is a Corstorphine, Edinburgh based company who specialise in weightloss/toning and Pre and Post Natal exercise.

Blog 14-10-13 Eat for what you want, not for what you have

Hi guys, I work with a lot of medical professionals, from GPs to nurses and physios to dieticians, and even though most of them should know better there is still … Continue reading

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Blog 24-09-13 Castle at David Lloyd and some other stuff

Man I’ve been busy lately.   Studying insertion points and researching the most effective exercises to work specific muscles is very rewarding when you see clients getting massive results very … Continue reading

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Blog 26-04-13 When a shake is your “healthiest meal of the day” you need a new diet!

Hi guys, Just a brief one as these guys are doing my head in; Do you know someone who’s on the “shakeology” program? You can usually tell when they are … Continue reading

26/04/2013 · 1 Comment

Blog 17-04-13 Cheats v Treats, it’s an important distinction. Change your mindset!

Hi guys, This is the last of the blogs I did for Yofit, I am working on various nutritional ones at the moment but they take quite a while to … Continue reading

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Blog 14-04-13 Witnessing Achievement…See the Beauty in it…and Applaud it.

Hi guys, Man, life is busy at the moment. Seeing quite a few interesting clients every week and meeting plenty of cool people from various backgrounds. I have written my … Continue reading

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Blog 10-04-13 The Great Big Detox Myth.

Hi guys, I love reading things from respectable institutions that disprove common myths and an old favourite of mine crept up on various message boards this week. Everybody seems to … Continue reading

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Blog 04-1-13 APT and Pregnancy; Does my bum look big in this? For men; A beer belly is not always a beer belly!

Hi guys, A few Questions; For the ladies; Have you noticed that whilst you were pregnant your bum seemed to grow as quickly as your belly did? And, once you … Continue reading

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Blog 13-12-12: Big Exercise Myths

Hi guys, Yesterday I wrote about some of the food myths that caught my eye recently and, as promised, today is the turn of some exercise stuff I came across … Continue reading

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