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Why I’m giving up my Facebook page

Hi guys,

If I may bore you for a minute;

I don’t like social media. I don’t like Facebook, though for a while I thought I did, I don’t get Twitter and Instagram baffles me.

instagram  My thoughts exactly.

I don’t care much for echo chambers, which is what facebook groups are, and I really dislike stupid discussions about trivial things with people I don’t really know. Twitter just seems to be a place where trolls go to hate on people more successful than they are and to spout nastyness and bile in 140 characters.

Instagram is full of BS posts by people pretending to have a better life than they actually do in an effort to impress people they don’t know so they can start making money by selling products people don’t need or want. And it all proves that a picture is worth nothing like a thousand words.

If you have read any of my general and mindset blogs then you’ll realise that I spend every day trying to be a decent human being, not become wrapped up in my own BS and definitely not getting involved in the nonsense and negativity a lot of people bring with them. I find being part of humanity, REALLY being part of it, is about reaching out to people and making a genuine connection. Everything on social media goes against this. I have yet to come across a real facebook profile, a genuine one where people really openly and honestly show you how they are doing. Everyone is posing and it’s all superficial bollocks, if you pardon my French.

This is why, a fair while ago, I got rid of my personal Facebook account.

I find Facebook does not bring anything positive to people’s lives, nothing at all. If I want to look at kitten or puppy videos, and who doesn’t?, I’ll just go straight onto Youtube, thanks very much.

Since I really would like my clients to lead more positive and fullfilling lives I always stress the need to keep the time wasting on Social Media to a minimum.

And, having said all the above, this is why I will hit the delete button on my business Facebook page on June the 1st. It’s just not compatible with my business ethos.


So, if you want to keep up to date with what we’re up to, the Castle website is the only place to do it in a few week’s time.


BTW; here’s a cute kitten video for you to look at before doing your evening workout;


Take care, and log off.







One comment on “Why I’m giving up my Facebook page

  1. Danielle Teresa

    I have noticed and I wish you luck on your non social media life. That some people who say they are giving up social media still have social media sites up and running. What is the point of saying you are quitting when your really not quitting.

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