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Castle Personal Training is a Corstorphine, Edinburgh based company who specialise in weightloss/toning and Pre and Post Natal exercise.

Have you listened to the Healthy Post Natal Body podcast yet?

Hi All,

I was asked why I hadn’t updated this site in a while and that reminded me that it’s probably a good idea to stick a little blog in here about and the Healthy Post Natal Body podcast.

Ever since establishing myself as Edinburgh’s premier post-partum Personal Trainer I have written a lot about the state of post-natal healthcare in this country, or the overwhelming lack of it. I have lamented the state of affairs, and the lack of knowledge amongst healthcare professionals regarding things suchas diastasis recti, pelvic girdle pain, pelvic floor issue etc. etc for a long time and, on the other hand, had really been struggling with overpriced post-partum exercise programs. So I started Healthy Post Natal Body, a website where members could email in any questions they had whilst getting access to expertly designed post-natal exercise programs for only £8/$10 a month.

2 or so years ago we decided to take HPNB to the next level and put everything in a shiny new site. Some of you will know that I had built the original site myself and, though it did it’s job, it wasn’t quite up to the level that I was comfortable with.

The dream was always to bring affordable post-partum exercise advice to the world and HPNB allowed me to do that.

And then the pandemic hit (Remember that, seems like an age ago now but it was only 18 months ago) and I decided to give everybody who needed it 3 months completely free access to the website. Even if you cancel on day 1, you’ll still get 3 months access. This was before lockdown started but we all kindof knew it was coming anyways so I wanted to make life a bit easier for everyone.

We also launched the Podcast which gives listeners and members a chance to email in their questions. As it grew a little bit I started inviting some expert guests and conduct some amazing interview with specialists in their field. We have covered a wide variety of health-related topics and I even managed to get 2 of the best sleep consultants in the US to come on and do a full episode each. In short, the Healthy Post Natal Body podcast is a must-listen if you’re interested in anything related to post-partum health or normal health related subjects such as diet and exercise.

Add onto that the hundred or so blogs I put up and you can see why has slowed down a bit. Obviously I’m still training clients in the Edinburgh area, so get in touch if you are interested in personal training, but the focus outside of those sessions has shifted away a bit.

On the plus side; You now get to listen to an amazing podcast, you can get 3 months post-natal programming completely free AND there are a tonne of new blogs to read. Just head over to and it’s all there waiting for you. Oh, and if you have a question regarding post-partum health or diet; just email and I’ll answer it on the podcast


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