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The Transtheoretical Model (Stages of Change) Stage 4; Action

Hi guys,
Part 4 in our Stages of Change series, please read the other ones before dropping straight into this one 🙂

Now we’re cooking, into the Action stage we go.

healthy-cooking-classes Healthy cooking of course.

Our client has started to change their behaviour. We’ve decided on a way of eating that will work for them, we have a healthy living routine and continue to move forward. Their lifestyle is constantly being modified to add healthy actions and subtract problematic ones. They are no longer engaging in the problem behaviour and are actively changing for the better.

When I say “Constantly being modified” I mean we can add things like; cooking classes, add a daily exercise routine, ask them to watch less TV, eat an extra bit of fruit each day, join a walking club, get a dog etc. etc. Anything that’s a positive and that’s available as an option is a good thing. We can also remove problematic behaviours and do that by offering swaps; If someone always goes out to a pizzeria for a weekly night-out and then drinks a lot when they do we can look for better/healthier places to eat and drink. Drinks can be swapped, cut down on.

The big thing is that we are geniunely changing the standard behaviour in such a way that a healthy option becomes the norm.

This is a beautiful stage to be in and to witness other people being in. Almost immediately people feel better, stronger, fitter, mentally more astute, their complexion changes and they become more and more positive as they keep seeing results. Usually this carries through to their work place and into their family life as well, they become more active and productive. Everybody benefits from 1 person making a geniune positive change.

People in this stage, first 6 months of behavioural change, still need support to maintain their progress. Standing still is not an option at this stage, standing still means falling behind and, inevitably, back into old behaviours as we’ve not yet established a natural healthy living routine. It’s not yet second nature to make the healthy choice when presented with 2 options.

standing still not an option

Exploring the problem behaviour is also important as identifying potential triggers for relapse is key. Awareness, Desire and Discipline means we keep adding value to their life.

Being Aware of potential triggers for relapsing into problem behaviour means we can do something about it.

Maintaining the Desire for change by constantly reinforcing the positive message and not being scared to be proud of progress already made.

Discipline; having a created a solid, well-structured, program in the previous stage will help us stick to it.

Just having a good plan and some desire is not enough, it has to be a program of Action. Steps have to be taken every single day, a new routine has to be established, and it is going to be hard work for most, but the pay-off is enormous.


As I briefly mentioned above, this stage lasts about 6 months after which we move in to the maintenance stage, Stage 5.


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