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3 steps to effective post natal training

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As one of Edinburgh’s top post-natal Personal Trainers I get a lot of emails from women asking when they can start training again and what sort of exercises they should do.

I have obviously written a little bit about this in previous blogs about post partum training (look them up here) but still get regular questions, especially about the kind of exercises to do to get their separation or pelvic floor sorted. Now obviously everybody’s different but it really isn’t complicated so I’ve broken it down into 3 easy steps.

pregnant belly

1; Take your time and do your pelvic floor exercises.

You’ve been carrying a little package in you for 9 months, it’s going to take a while to get back to full fitness. The main areas to start with are your pelvic-floor and your core.  Get them strengthened up by doing the right exercises. Some are listed here under point 2; focus on your glutes and obliques.

squat Squat and squat again!

2; Strength training is everything.

I know your cardio output has dropped dramatically in the last few months of your pregnancy. You might be wheezing something silly by the time you’ve made it up one flight of stairs and completely out of breath when you’re in your 7th or 8th month and, even after you’ve given birth, you won’t be running any marathons just yet. So the temptation is to get back to running and cycling etc. but your main focus should really be on strength training. Get your muscles firing up properly and build strength back into your body. Your muscles have been stretching for months, your body can do with a bit of tightening up again. Bring everything back to it’s usual place, so to speak.


happy-weight-training-woman Bigger weights than this and you don’t have to be this happy, but be happy.

3; Train when you can and enjoy it.

You don’t need to train for an hour at a time every day. It’s fine to only go for 15 minutes at a time. Most of the home routines I write out for my postnatal clients take about 6-7 minutes per circuit. Ideally I’d like them to do 3 circuits at a time but if they can’t manage 25 minutes that’s no problem at all, they will still get amazing results by doing 6-7 minutes’ worth of the right exercises. I know you have a lot of new stresses in your life; with feeding, expressing, not getting enough sleep etc. so don’t worry about when you can train too much. Fit a bit of the right exercise in your daily life and you’ll be fine.

side_plank2 The right exercise.

Obviously give me a shout if you need anything.


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