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You better think!

Hi guys,

I wasn’t going to write a New Year’s resolution post this year, as I’ve already written more than you can shake a stick at and they all tend to end up the same, but I was driving to the personal training studio in Leith this morning and I changed my mind. Little Lola was in the passenger’s seat, it really is great being able to take your dog into work with you, the sun was out and I thought that I had better write a little something.


photo Gratuitous picture of Lola looking super cute.

I didn’t quite know how to put a new spin on it until one of my post natal clients asked me; “If you could give just one piece of advice to any of your clients, what would it be? Doesnt matter if they are there for weightloss, pre- or post-natal or improving athletic ability, you can only give one piece of advice to all of them.”

And suddenly it just hit me, and that’s your blog for today.

It was of course the mighty Aretha who said that “You’d better think, think about what you’re trying to do to me” and that’s the one thing that can really make this year a success for you. Think.

It is what I try it get all my clients to do and I’d like you to do the same.

Think before you eat something. Is what you are thinking of eating going to help you achieve your goals? Are you eating out of habit or because you are actually hungry? Are you eating because you are stressed or bored?

Think before you drink anything other than water. Is it going to help you achieve your goals? Will it help or hinder your body? Will you feel better in the long term for it? Have you already had enough?

Think before you buy anything. Is that new fitness product really going to help or are you falling for the spiel? Will spending £200 on a DNA test or £100 per month really get you where you want to be or are people just trying to make a quick buck? Don’t waste your money o n rubbish.

Think before you decide to go out for a meal somewhere. Does the place you’re thinking of going serve good food, properly prepared his quality ingredients? Or is it just a crappy place that does average food and you can do better yourself? See, I always say it’s great to go out for a nice meal but make it something worth paying someone else for. I live by a simple rule; “if I can do it better, I’m not paying someone else to cook it”
In short; Think before you do something. Is what you are going to do going to make your life better or not? If not, then why are you doing it?

It really goes for everything you do. If you ask yourself whether you’re just doing something because it’s either expected of you or you’re doing things on automatic pilot then you can really make some positive changes to your life.




Have a great New Year and take care of yourself,



P.S. Just a very quick note. Just because I said “Think” about what you’re putting in your mouth that doesn’t mean I think you should never eat something that’s “not clean”. If you decide to have take-away or crappy food that is OK sometimes. Just be aware you’re doing it and are making an active decision rathern than just going with the “I can’t be bothered” auto-pilot.

Credit where it’s due; Thanks to the guys at 123 for the New Year pic

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