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Losing weight is NOT easy…or simple

Hi guys,


Someone came to me last week and said; “I need to lose 24Kg in the next few months, can you help?” and then he followed it up with “I know losing weight is easy” which really made me think.

“If losing weight is easy, why are you overweight?”

And the answer is of course that losing weight is not easy. Getting fat is easy, losing weight is hard!

Getting fat requires no effort whatsoever. Just lie on the couch, watch Game of Thrones all day and shovel cakes in your mouth.

homer-simpson Easy as ….well…pie

Losing weight requires sacrifice. It requires discipline. It means saying no to that dessert, it means cooking your own food rather than having take-aways, it means not going out to get drunk over the weekend and it means eating fruit rather than cookies. It means being aware of ingredients, meal timings etc. It means putting effort into training, getting a gym-membership, having the motivation to exercise in the house, going for a run or investing your hard-earned money and getting some Personal Training sessions.

cookie monster

Don’t tell me that losing weight or staying in shape is easy…it’s hard work, so recognise it for what it is and don’t lie to yourself.

I was having a coffee somewhere the other day and overheard a bit of a conversation that was going on at another table “Yeah it’s easy for her to get in shape, she’s got a Personal Trainer”.

Is that the most ridiculous things you’ve ever heard, or what?!? Getting a PT is not like finding a magic wand or taking a little pill and being done with it. a PT only guides and motivates you. A PT can give you advice and tell you what to do, give tips on how to improve your life and be more efficient so you can get the results you want. You still have to do all the hard work. To bitch about someone else putting the effort in and making an investment in themselves whilst you sit there having a big slice of cake with your coffee when you’re already overweight to the point of obesity is just beyond ridiculous. Anyways, rant over and back to the topic at hand.

Mickey's-Magic-Show-J-web Not how you lose weight.

Losing weight is not even simple anymore! There are more diets and opinions on weightloss than you can shake a stick at, and every years there’s a new magic solution to all your problems.

You should eat low-carb and go on the Atkins, you should avoid Atkins as it’s evil.

You should go gluten free, nah gluten free is just a fad.

You can eat all the rice and pasta you want and should have X-nr of “sins”, and that includes alcohol, a day. No, you should cut out rubbish stuff and definitely give up alcohol.

Buy this shake, no buy that one!

Even the “As long as you consume fewer calories than you burn, you will always lose weight” thing is not as simple as it sounds.

Losing weight is not easy and it’s not simple, so don’t tell yourself that it’s going to be easy when you decide that you need to do something about your weight.

not easy


Be realistic and commit, it’s the only way to really get results.


Take care,





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