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A time for work and a time to relax

Hi guys,

So no blog this week, and I think the last one was a week or so ago. I didn’t set out to not have a blog out this week but, as I always say, life is about priorities.

See, it’s very tempting to put the business, work, family and training first but it’s equally important, if not more so, to also take care of your mind so I decided to do this instead.


running dogs Time for a run in the fields


forrst dogs OK, a longer walk it is to the forrest.


forrest It doesn’t get prettier than this.


beach dogs Who needs a paddlingpool when you’re just an hour’s walk from the beach?

running beach dogs Running on the beach at Cramond.


back to car dogs Time to run home.


after shower buddy Buddy after his shower

after shower lola Lola after her shower


sleeping dogs Brother and sister sound asleep.


kitten And Nr1 girl also gets a rest.


So there we are, no blog but a very chilled and relaxed house and a nice clear mind.


Take care,



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