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Blog 23-01-13; Don’t let them Entertrain you!

Hi guys,

I can hear you thinking “What, are you paraphrasing Robbie Williams now? Is this what it has come to?”. Well sadly, yes.You see, I have to think of a catchy title  for each and every blog. Now admittedly I usually fail but sometimes I have an idea involving a pretty crappy song which then sticks in my head. I hate being the only one with a crappy song stuck in their head and therefore I have now decided to unleash it on you as well.

Just in case you don’t know the song, here ya go;

You’re welcome.


Anyways, back on track now. There are several types of personal trainer out there but today I’m going to focus on a relatively new breed; “The Entertrainer“. You will have seen him at the gym, he might even have come to your house. He has people do one legged squats on a bosu ball whilst swinging a kettlebell or stupid stuff like this;

Image Both of these guys are idiots

Does the above look like a safe exercise to you? What happens if the guy on the medicine ball slips? A different question I would ask the guys would be “What do you expect to gain from these exercises?” How is this exercise better than just doing a normal squat with a barbell?

Exercising with a PT should be functional, educational, motivational and safe. You should know why you’re doing the exercises he has you doing. You should know which muscles are being worked and why they are being worked. And he should inspire you to push yourself harder, to get more out of your workouts and to get you the results you want as fast as possible. Most of all, your training sessions should be safe. Your personal trainer has a duty of care, he should do everything he can to prevent you injuring yourself and this means he should not have you do stupid exercises.

It seems to be popular these days for personal trainers to have their clients do crazy things, especially in the gym. The reason for this is that “Working out is about having fun!”

Here’s a sad truth for you; Working out is not about having fun!

Working out is about getting to where you want to go; Working out is about burning calories, growing muscles, losing fat! Working out is about getting results!Really, it’s that simple.

But Peter, I hear some of you say, “Should working out not be a bit of fun?” Yes of course working out should be enjoyable but it should not be stupid. You should come away from your session feeling great because you had a good workout, not because you had sooo much fun! It’s not play-time and you’re not 4 years old anymore! After a few weeks/months you should be able to look in the mirror and KNOW that the money you spent on personal trainer has really paid off.

Image  It fun but won’t get you fit!

I’m 38 years old and I’d love it if play time could get me fit. I’d be finger-painting all day! But it doesn’t and, though that’s a little sad, I will just have to accept that.

So will you.


Your friend,





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