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It’s all about today

Hi guys,


‘T is that time of year when, more than usual, I hear stories about what people are going to do this year, usually starting tomorrow or next week. This comes just after that time of year when I hear a lot of people “reflecting”, read that as wishing they could change the past, on the year before.

A lot of people talk about what amazing things they’re going to be doing this year; Losing some weight, working on their health, going back to the gym, eating better, taking time for themselves, learning a new language, finally changing career etc. You name it, people are “definitely going to do it this year”, starting sometime soon. “Right after…that event 2,3,4 weeks from now, because there’s no point starting before then”

The problem is that what you’re talking about are dreams unless you actively do something about them. And doing something about something starts today, not tomorrow.

I don’t care what your big plans are for tomorrow if you’re not doing anything about it today. Why are you waiting to go to the gym tomorrow? I’m fairly sure it’s open today. Why are you talking to me about how healthy you’re going to be eating this year when you’ve just finished a large pizza? Why are you talking about all the cool things you’re going to be doing when you’re spending your entire day doing nothing towards those goals?

So last year you had a reason for not doing X,Y or Z and it means you never got anything done. There’s no point in looking back to that year, digging up the excuses and saying “if only” or “could have done” as you don’t gain anything from doing that today.

Yesterday doesn’t matter anymore and, unless you get off your bum and do something, that successful tomorrow never comes. It’s all about today. .

Even John Lennon didn’t change the world from his bed, he only got a pretty picture out of it.

You have to get up, get stuff done today and then the results will come tomorrow. Goals are amazing things but you don’t start achieving your goals tomorrow unless you take steps today. Whether it’s getting recipes and starting to cook tomorrow’s healthy food, signing up for that language class, looking in to how to change your career or even getting in touch that that PT and getting some dates in for some sessions, it has to start today or it’s all dreamy bullshit.

Time is the most precious commodity you have, wasting it dreaming about tomorrow is an astonishing act of self-sabotage. Make this year count, make this month, week and day count and get your goals accomplished.


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