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Blog 22-11-12 Why a Home Personal Trainer sometimes just makes sense


There are many gyms in Edinburgh, and some of them are really nice, so why is a Castle home personal trainer a good idea?

We all want to be in the best possible health and look and feel great but where, and when, you start can be tricky.

We all know the story; New year is comes up and the resolutions are made, as they are every year, and then broken, as they are every year.

We’ve all been there and most will have experience of one or more of the below scenarios;

You take out a gym membership in the first week of January, paying a hefty joining fee for the privilege, but in the second or third week you don’t have the time to go to the gym and after that you won’t go again as the motivation is gone and no one in the gym will miss you. (Most Gyms actually run on non-active members).
Going to the gym often means half an hour to get there, half an hour to get back, 45 minutes working out and your job and home or social-life, rightly, comes first so it becomes a bit of a drag.

You bought the work-out DVDs that you saw on the home shopping network and even did a few sessions but, its not as much fun as the add made it look and you had no one to push you and find that you don’t get results as quickly as you’d hoped.

You were going to go for a run 3 times a week but, hey, running is tough and it’s cold out there and now it’s raining so let’s just skip it this once…and the next time…ah, there’s always next week.

You were going to eat healthier from now on, the Christmas binge is over, but what exactly is healthy eating? A few more greens on a plate, giving up the Friday night Chinese take-out is all well and good and definitely helps but what should you do to get maximum results and lose fat naturally? Join Weightwatchers, or another diet club that charge you the world and try to make you lose weight in a way that is, essentially, not sustainable ( and in many cases not as healthy as they make it out to be)? Do you buy one of the many celebrity diet books for £19.99 at the supermarket? How many of these do you already have gathering dust on the shelves and did they work?

You want to go to the gym, eat healthier etc. but you’re not confident enough to go to the gym or workout outside and don’t really know what eating healthier is these days, every day there is a new super diet or new food that will be super bad for you, depending on which paper you read.

A Castle home personal trainer can really make a difference and work with you to help you reach your goals wether they are fat-loss, muscle-gain, a six-pack, run a marathon, be more flexible or just buildup your confidence and life healthier.

1; You don’t have to travel to the gym, saving you an hour on training night. That’s an hour you can spend with your family, at work or just having an extra hour to relax and take in a nice meal. It also saves you money on a 12-month gym membership. Use that money and spend it on a home personal trainer and get results faster.

2; A personal trainer knows the most effective way to get you into shape and drop the pounds. He can tailor a program to your specific needs,and take into account the dodgy knees, back etc. that the DVDs don’t. You can discuss your needs, and limitations, with your Personal Trainer and he can program just for you and keep motivating you.

3; Stay indoors, in the comfort of familiar surroundings and get a workout thats better than running and definitely more fun.

4; Diets are confusing. There are too many of them about and they all say something different. They can’t all be right, and in many cases they are all just fads. Yes they are
Iikely to make you drop a few pounds but they are not sustainable (unless you plan on eating their expensive meals for the rest of your life) and the weight will fly back on after a few weeks.
When we, at Castle personal training, say “We will get results” we mean LONG-TERM results! We will take into account what you LIKE to eat, what you don’t like, what your work situation is, what your family life-style is like and make suggestions based on your PERSONAL situation to improve your diet.

Some people think of a home personal trainer as a luxury, I see it differently. How much do you spend on the gym you never visit? How much is that diet club that doesn’t work? The workout DVDs are gathering dust as is the stationary bike you bought.

We offer a “complete” Personal Training experience, tailored to your needs.

Exercise in the comfort of your own home and get the results you want with fun exercises, tasty food solutions and in an affordable way.

Most program’s with a Castle home personal trainer, like our New Years Fat burner, only last 2 months and we guarantee that you will see results!

Think about it and, if you feel ready to really live up to your New Year’s resolutions this year, get in touch.

Your friend,


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