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Blog 27-11-12 A typical food day

Whenever people think of going on a diet they either think they are going to be hungry for most of the day or that they will have to eat horrible and boring food.

I just thought I’d post a typical day’s worth of meals so that everyone can see that eating healthy can also mean eating tasty! I have not included a complete cost breakdown/ recipes etc as you would receive when you start with us but this is just an example of a pretty standard day’s worth of meals.

The total cost of 1 Adult eating this today is approx £6, which is by no means excessive but it’s all food that’s full of flavour and gives you all the nutrients you require on a daily bases. The great thing is also that you can make the chili well in advance and the wrap and chicken don’t take very long to make at all.

The calorie intake for this day is approx 1528, if you have a big dinner, which is a good calorie target for a woman seeking to lose fat the healthy way. If you add exercise onto this, 3 times a week, you would expect to lose 2+ lbs a week but still get all the required nutrients and, most of all, IT TASTES NICE!

07:30 A bowl of Sainsbury’s Granola (Raisins, Nuts and honey flavour) £2.19 per 1Kg bag. Add approx 250ml Blue Diamond Almond milk. £1.49 per Liter (Vegan friendly) Total calories approx 300

09:45 1 Wrap (2 slices of Tesco German Salami, lettuce, cucumber and Heinz Light Mayonaisse in a Tesco Wholemeal Tortilla wrap) Total Cost approx £ 0.90 (For Vegetarian option replace Salami with smoked cheese) Calories approx 220 (With Salami option)

12:30 Lunch; 4 grilled Sainsbury’s drumsticks (£1.00) marinated in Soy Sauce and Sambal (pennies), 2 Kiwis (£0.33) (Drumsticks can be replaced by something else for vegetarian option; Seitan or a Mushroom based dish such as a Mushroom Tapenade) Calories, for drumsticks option, 368

Afternoon Snack 1No Cofresh coconut bar (Tesco £0.39) (Vegetarian friendly) Calories 224

Dinner. Mixed bean chili con carne (serves 4 adults. 1 tin Black eyed beans,1 tin red kidney beans, 1 tin chick peas, 2 tins of chopped tomatoes, 4 Peppers (various colours), 2 medium sized onions, 2 whole carrots, 150 grams of green beans, 750 grams of lean mince and 2 sachets chili con carne mix.) Add 250 grams of wholemeal, brown, rice. Total cost approx £11.73 (So £2.93 each) Remove the Mince for a Vegetarian option (Can be replaced with Quorn if you want) Approx Calories Per 350g serving (which is more than most would take in) including rice 416.

Why would you consider going on a horrible, low fat, low carb and low taste diet when you can eat like this every day and be better off?



2 comments on “Blog 27-11-12 A typical food day

  1. fitnessbloggers

    Nice post. I hate the word ‘diet’ as it seems to create images of deprivation. As you have nicely pointed out, eating healthy and eating nice foods and not mutually exclusive!

    • Yeah I feel the same way about the word diet..same as people saying they want to lose weight rather than saying they want to lose fat.
      We’re in the fat burning business much more than weightloss, in my humble opinion.

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