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Honest, you don’t need to detox

Hi guys,


Just a very quick one; It’s the day after Christmas, Boxing day in the UK, as I’m writing this. It’s a lovely, rainy and chili, day in Edinburgh and I’ve spent most of it meeting up with good friends and answering emails from clients.

I just came across the first Facebook post mentioning the dreaded “D” word…..Detox. I hate that word and the way it’s currently being used by many in the Health and Fitness industry. I’ve written on this subject before but feel it’s well worth repeating.

You know my opinion on Personal Trainers selling weightloss shakes and supplements. It really is complete and utter hokum. All these Detox-diets, -shakes,-pills, -wraps and -teas that many people will try to push on you over the next few weeks do NOTHING for you. As long as you stop putting rubbish in your body you will find that your body will reward you by “detoxing” all by itsself. It’s what your liver and kidneys were designed to do, you see? These magic-potions contribute absolutely nothing.

liver and kidneys It’s a wonderful thing, the human body.


Here’s how you “detox”

1; You cut out processed foods and take-aways.

takeaway Enough is enough.


2; Eat well. 50% of your plate will be vegetables and you take on board enoughy high-quality protein.

Grilled-Chicken-and-Spinach-Salad Grilled chicken and spinach salad, yum!


3; Drink enough water. I’ve written about this before.


In short; Eat the way you’re supposed to eat and drink the way you’re supposed to drink.

Job done, your body will do the rest. No “21 day detox” pack, no “detox breakfast teas” and no magic potions that will cost you a fortune but will do nothing for you.


Stay healthy in the New Year and do it by being sensible and not buying quick-fixes that will only make your wallet lighter.


Take care,





2 comments on “Honest, you don’t need to detox

  1. Reblogged this on Confidence Personal Training and commented:
    A good way to seperate the fitness professionals from the rest is to ask them whether “detox” programs are necessary. Any professional will answer that the body is quite capable of doing the job itself. Healthy eating and exercise can definitely help.

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