Castle Personal Training

Castle Personal Training is a Corstorphine, Edinburgh based company who specialise in weightloss/toning and Pre and Post Natal exercise.

Just tell me how much it is already!

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One of the things I struggle with in the Health and Fitness industry is that there are a lot of people out there not listing prices for their services. I’m not just talking about the many Personal Trainers that want to hear your life’s story and have all your contact details before they are willing to discuss prices with you. It’s the same for many courses Personal Trainers take, especially when you’re looking at American courses.

I pride myself in always looking for the most up-to-date certification and training and therefore I spend a lot of time looking at the best courses, and studying, and recently I’ve come across 5 course providers that would only offer a pre-registration signup option and even after giving them my contact details they didn’t tell me how much the course was going to cost.

I get what they are doing, they want to see if the course is fully subscribed, or even over-subscribed, and will then determine the price they think will make them the most profit. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with that approach but I do find it a little bit frustrating.

how much is the doggy

It’s a fair question.

There are several Personal Trainers in Edinburgh that take the same approach;

You fill in the “Get in touch” form and give them your email address, which allows them to add you to their mailing list which is always nice for those of us who enjoy getting spam, and then they get in touch with you. They then weigh up how much money they think you’re worth and how much they think they can charge.

And this really bothers me. I don’t mind paying more for a popular course because EVERYBODY on the course is paying the same amount for the same service. I do however mind paying a premium price for a service other people are getting on the cheap just because, at the initial “getting to know you” stage, the girl or guy I’m working with had the impression I was worth a few quid more than the next guy.

photo This one is not for sale. To see what is, have a look here.

Here’s a little promise; We always list our prices and will never check to see what car you drove up in before we tell you how much you’re going to have to pay.


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