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The problem with convenience

Hi guys,


tassimo My nemesis.

I was making myself a coffee today and that old familiar thought popped into my head; “Why am I making this coffee? I don’t even like it that much”. We have one of those Tassimo coffee makers in the house, it uses those little pods, and it makes a “perfect cup of coffee every time”. Except that it doesn’t. It doesn’t even make a nice cup of coffee occasionally.

So why do I make it when I’d prefer a “proper” cup of coffee made in the cafetiere?

Because it’s there and it’s easy. I don’t need to get the cafetiere from the cupboard, measure out a specific amount of coffee, boil a kettle, stir the coffee through the water and then wait 4 minutes for the residue to settle before pushing the plunger carefully down the cafetiere and then gently pouring myself a nice cup of coffee after which I’ll have to dispose of the coffee dregs and wash the cafetiere.

coffee drinking  This is how I drink my coffee, I’m just that cool.

I just pop a capsule in to the machine and press a button, et presto, a relatively drinkable cup of brew. And this is the problem, it’s too easy. And, because most people in the West have more money than sense, we prefer convenience over things like cost or even enjoyment. This is a problem for me as I, and I suspect most people, have to make a conscious effort to realise that making an effort is the only way to reap real rewards.

The only way to get a really nice cup of coffee, other than by going to Vigo’s on St John’s Rd, is by following the above process. The only way to get a really nice meal is by cooking it myself rather than get a “convenience” meal or grab a sandwich. The only way to get my dogs to behave and not run around the house like little maniacs is by taking them on long walks and making sure they get enough exercise. The only way to improve my health is to take steps every day to improve it. By making the effort of going to the gym, eating right etc. but also by making sure I regularly have a quiet relaxing moment during the day.

It also means that I have to keep improving and learning all the time, rather than spend 3-4 hours a day watching TV/Netflix/Youtube, being on Facebook etc. so this means listening to new music, reading new books, learning new skills.

do something

These things all take effort, it’s much easier to sit on my arse eating sandwiches whilst watching Youtube clips for 4 hours, but they also come with rewards. The only reward you get from convenience is convenience and, though sometimes that’s enough, that is hardly ever the real reward we’re looking for.

Now I’m off to make myself a nice cup of coffee, it really only takes 6 minutes and is a hell of a lot cheaper.


Take care,



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