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Do you suffer from Destination Anxiety?

Hi guys,


Does this sound familiar?

marshall goldsmith

A lot of people come to me saying things like; “I’ll be happy when I lose 6kg” or “When I look a certain way I’ll be happy”. It’s similar to what a lot of people think in their daily life. “When I make X amount of money or live in X-size house I’ll be happy” and, you know what?, it’s all bollocks as that’s just not the way things work.

I can tell you for a fact that if you’re not happy at 72kg, you’ll also not be happy at 66kg as happiness doesn’t come from the scales. I can also tell you that if you’re unhappy when you’re making more than enough to get by you’re also not going to be happy when you’ve got millions in the bank.

Confidence and happiness comes from looking after yourself, making the right choices, feeling strong, productive and capable. This is not something a set of scales, a car or a house can give you.

Sure, if you’re clinically obese your health will suffer and you’re likely to not be happy. But your target weight is not going to make you happy if your entire journey there is a miserable one. The same goes for financial goals; Yes, if you’re completely broke you can be miserable but if you have money in the bank and are only waiting for more you’re wasting your time.

If you’re not focussing on being happy every day and being the best you can be today you’ll really struggle and the day you’ll get what you want, or think you want, will be a massive disappointment. This especially goes for those of us who have ambitious targets; losing a tonne of weight, achieving a ridiculous athletic goal, having more money than Scrooge McDuck etc. as we might never actually reach our goal.

scrooge mcduck You can wait a long time.

The best way to be happy every day is to make every day the best day it can be and to make yourself the best you you can be every day.

Decide at the start of the day that you will make the right choices. You will eat the right food, you will do your exercise, you will be productive at work, you will be kind to people and give them the time and respect they deserve. You will take care of yourself and your loved ones today.

If you do that, enjoy the little moments that every day brings, then you can look back at the end of each day and say to yourself; “You know, it was a good day today” and if you tell yourself that regularly enough you will find that, amazingly, you will be happy well before you even reached your goals. And, funnily enough, you’ll probably find that those superficial goals didn’t actually mean a thing.


Take care of yourself today,








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