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Castle Personal Training is a Corstorphine, Edinburgh based company who specialise in weightloss/toning and Pre and Post Natal exercise.

Cost of raising a child £200k, cost of healing your body £700. So budget for it

Hi guys,

I am never more disappointed than when new parents tell me they would love a Personal Trainer to help fix the many issues mommy has but “we can’t afford it”.


I get that a lot of people are on a tight budget BUT you’ve decided that you’re going to spend the best part of £200k so why you think you can’t spend a fraction of that on taking care of your own physical health, especially when it’s going to have such a big impact on your mental health, seems to me to be flawed thinking.

I spoke to someone the other day who had the following issues after giving birth 4 months ago; She peed herself when laughing, sneezing or running, had 3cm separation, and quite bad back and neck pain. This lady decided that £700 to spend on fixing all those issues, or at least most of them for most of the way, was too much so she was wondering “If I had some cheaper options available”. Unfortunately I don’t, so she was going to try a group pilates class instead.

Again, I completely understand that people are on a budget. That is not why it’s dissapointing that women think that spending a fraction of what they are going to spend on their shiny new baby on themselves is “too much”. It all comes down to feeling that prioritising your own health and well-being is somehow a bad thing as life should be about the shiny new baby, your partner, the nights out, weekends away, the TV subscription and the house etc. etc. until somewhere down the list your health makes an appearance.


peeing yourself Either talent or pelvic floor muscles.

I know a lot of awesome Personal Trainers and physios that can really help people overcome the above mentioned problems for about £700-£1500 and yet they keep getting told “it’s too much” by people who just spent half that on a buggy they’ll only use for 6 months.

expensive stroller 1899This for £1900 or a healthy mommy? The choice is easy if you ask your little one.


Part of the responsibility you have when you have a baby is for your own health. You have to take care of yourself so you can take care of your kids when they grow up. Your baby needs you to be healthy and happy a lot more than he or she needs the most expensive stroller in the world.

So you decided to have a baby and spend £200k+ over the next 21 or so years. Why not budget an additional 2% and spend some money on yourself. If you start saving during the pregnancy it won’t seem like such a big deal afterwards.


Take care,





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