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Blog 18-02-13 You are what you eat. (Aristotle makes a mean curry)

Hi guys,

You might not know this but I am nothing if not a student of the ancient Greeks and Greek philosophy and I was reminded of the above, ancient Greek, saying a lot over the course of the past month. I thought I’d share this little tale with you, as I think it’s rather appropriate.

Image Father of logic, and makes a mean chicken curry.

I believe it was Aristotle who first said “You are what you eat” in 342 BCE.

As the story goes; He was walking across a farmers market with a friend, I believe it was Thomas Aquinas but am not 100% on that. When they got to a farmer selling chickens Thomas mentioned to Aristotle that there was a new, and almost magical, shop out there that sold complete meals for £1 and that “The isles are cold and the meals are frozen. All one needs is a fast-cooking-machine and within 5 minutes you can have a tasty chicken curry.”

Aristotle, a good foot taller than his friend, raised his eyebrow and looked down; “A ready made meal? Like you get in a restaurant or tavern?”

“Well yes, in a way, someone else has done all the cooking for you. You just have to heat it up”

“But you don’t see who makes it so how do you know the food is actually any good and that the ingredients are nice and fresh?” inquired Aristotle

“Well, food is food really isn’t it? How is the chicken in his meals any different from the chicken we buy on the market here? There are even several varieties of healthier, low fat, alternative meals available in his shop for those of us who have to watch what we eat. It really is quite the concept and I think it will catch on. In fact, I suspect that in the near future even diet-clubs will be bringing out healthy, tasty and “ready-to-cook” meals under their own name

“Well it does sound like quite something. And these meals really are healthy?”

Thomas looked up at his friend “Ari, if even diet-clubs will be selling them then surely there can’t be anything wrong with them? After all, it is part of their responsibility to ensure you lose weight in the healthiest way possible.”

When Aristotle asked how his friend could be sure the chicken was indeed chicken and not turkey, or rat, Thomas just laughed and said “Because there is no reason to distrust the shop-owner, a Roman called Malcolmus Walkerius. Sure the chicken is remarkably cheap, after all a fresh chicken costs £6, but the shop is part of a very big chain of shops and they must have gotten a very good deal for buying in bulk”.

Aristotle pondered this for a minute and asked if Thomas had ever seen Malcolmus eat his own food.

This question seemed to come as quite a surprise to Thomas, “No, come to think of it, I don’t think I have”.

Aristotle just smiled, handed his money over to the farmer and took his chicken. “So, dinner at mine tonight then, friend”.

Image I even managed to find the pic Thomas tweeted of the curry they had.

Just in case you’re American, Australian, or just generally have no clue what the hell I’m on about with this post…Have a read through some of these articles;

Telegraph Horsemeat found in beef burgers.

Telegraph article; Buy cheap and you don’t know what you’re getting, says Waitrose.

ITV news; Even if you shop at Waitrose you don’t know what you’re getting. Nice if you’re a Muslim or a Jew.

Financial Times article states the UK govt knew in 2011.

It’s not just Britain; Germany. Hospitals in Northern Ireland, generally across the EU (13 countries).

I keep saying it; Cook your own food, fresh and tasty. and you won’t have any issues. It’s what Aristotle did and he was clearly fit as won gold in the 5000 meters at the first 2 Olympic games. Mo Farah was a distant second I believe.

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