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Blog 04-04-12 No more excuses, I’ve had enough.

Hi guys,

This one appeared on Yofit a few weeks ago but hadn’t posted it here yet. My next “Castle” blog will probably be another nutritional one.

Image A great character.


The best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men Gang aft agley” as a certain Mr Burns said in 1785, probably immediately followed by “Release the hounds”. (My Scottish friends tell me he was quite the dog lover)

I had a lovely idea for a post this week, had even written most of it, and then I met a new client, let’s call her Suzie, and it all pretty much went straight out the window.

Let me tell you about Suzie; Suzie has Multiple Sclerosis, which is a b*stard of degenerative disease, and had a brain operation during which she was given an implant to stop her hands from shaking. Unfortunately the operation messed up her sense of balance and she needs a bit of re-training on that front. She has spent some time with a private “physio-therapist” but unfortunately he was a Korean quack who promised miracles and just made things worse, whilst taking quite a bit of her money. All in all, Suzie has not been exercising properly for about 6 months.

Not exercising for 6 months will knock anybody back a bit but when you also have a muscular degenerative disease it can set you back years and this is what has happened with Suzie. She can’t walk properly anymore; her body is quite weak and will need quite a bit of work to get back to 90% of where she was 3 years ago. She also gets tired quickly as everything just takes more effort.


So why write about Suzie? Well, you probably guessed she is more than just “a client with MS”


Suzie is also 36, very smart, in pretty decent shape all things considered, great fun to be with and very keen to get back into exercise after the operation. She is also dedicated, comes from a sporting background and will have no problem training 3-4 times a week. And on top of that she has a pretty decent diet, though she needs to lay off the cakes a bit. Oh, and she will go back to full-time employment again soon.

Suzie is one of those clients you only occasionally get; you just know they will do anything to succeed and will not be making silly excuses not to exercise. She is not going to show up late, she is not going to be lazy, she is not going to complain about a bit of pain after exercise and she is going to crack on as best she can any chance she gets.

She is not in this to lose a few pounds and she is not going to treat exercise with the contempt others think they can. She is training “to get her life back”, her words not mine.

My point is simple; If someone with MS can train hard 3 times a week what is your excuse for not doing it?

I want you to take her attitude to training. Train like you’re aiming to get your life back! Train hard and get the results you need. Get off the couch! Stop thinking that you’re too tired to go out after work and get it done!

I started with a quote by Robert Burns and shall end with one as well “I want you to remember some inspiring words that someone else might have told you over the course of your lives, and go out there and win!” Which I believe was followed by “Hope springs exulting on triumphant wing.”

Quite the wordsmith that Burns fella, no wonder the Scots are so proud of him.

Image A proud Scot and so he should be.


Take care,


Your friend,


p.s. Here’s a little video in which Bjork makes the exact same point.

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