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Blog 18-07-13 How to deal with Type 2 Diabetes; Diet and exercise

Hi guys,


It’s been a while since I last did an advice blog so I thought it’s about time.

So you left the exercise and healthy eating plan a bit late and now the Doc says you’ve got Type-2 diabetes. BUGGER! I feel for you. I am not going to say it’s your own fault for eating crap and not exercising enough, after all there are several causes for Type-2 diabetes and not all of them are to do with poor diet, this is all about what to do now.

First things first; There is no cure!

Image Lies and the lying liars who tell them.

I have seen several websites promising cures. Let’s be clear, you’re not going to be cured. You’ve got it and you’ll always have it. There are no magic shakes or potions. You can’t go through a 21-day cleanse and cure your diabetes.

Stop thinking about crazy stuff to “cure” it and just go and manage it properly.


Second things second; Take it seriously, it’s time to step up!

People who have Type-2 diabetes can expect their life expectancy to be shorter by 10 years. 80% of people with Type-2 will die from a heart condition. (Source)

That’s some serious stuff when you think about it. This is not something you can just ignore. Dying 10 years earlier than someone who doesn’t have Type-2 diabetes is a hell of a lot earlier, especially when it’s your spouse. Everyone hates talking and thinking about this sort of thing but you have no choice; It’s not going to go away and you are going to have to deal with it.


So what should you do?


A couple of things;

1; Cut out the shitty food. You are going to have to start eating healthier. Cut down on the processed foods. If you could cut out the simple carbohydrates (white rice, white pasta, sugars etc.) that would be superb. The simple carbohydrates are the ones that will make your bloodsugar spike. That is exactly what you want to avoid when you have Diabetes. Obviously you’re going to have to lay off the cakes, sugary drinks etc. You already knew this when you were still thinking about going on a diet simply to lose a bit of weight. Well now you have even better motivation, use it to your advantage.

2; Eat loads of vegetables. Eat a wide variety of them. Get your greens!

When we talk about losing weight/fat the discussion is often dominated by the macro-nutrient split. (Carbs/Protein and Fats). “Lay off the carbs!”, is a phrase you hear an awful lot. Unfortunately that doesn’t really tell you the entire story. Yes, to lose fat it is important that you don’t have a “Carb-heavy” diet. Your typical day should not look like this;

7AM Special K

10AM Rice-cakes

1PM Sandwich

3PM Fruit

6PM Spaghetti Bolognese

If that’s what your diet looks like now, and for a lot of people it is, you’re not eating the correct foods and you should change your diet (40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat is great for most people, in case you’re wondering, but this depends on how hard you train and all that stuff).

What I am talking about however are Micro-nutrients. Vitamins and minerals that you need to maintain a healthy life-style. What a lot of people are lacking in their diets these days are vegetables and this is rather surprising. There is a massive variety of vegetables available in every supermarket so why would you not eat some? “But I don’t like vegetables!” I hear you proclaim. Stop it, you are not 5 years-old! With a wide variety of vegetables readily available you should be able to find some you like. Just eat loads of them, they will do you the world of good. And remember; The more colour on your plate the better!

Image It’s just lovely!

3; Start exercising regularly. I know it sounds obvious, coming from a Personal Trainer, but it really is the thing to do. If you are obese it’s time to get some of that fat off. Considering 80% os people with Type-2 diabetes die from a heart-disease you really want to start doing some cardio-vascular exercise. “But I hate the gym!”, I hear you say. I am not saying you should immediately sign up to a gym.

I am saying that you should go for a walk regularly. Unless you are morbidly obese you can still walk. Walking is phenomenal exercise. Don’t listen to people who say “Cardio is useless!” It’s great for you! You should exercise in a way that suits you the best and that will help you accomplish your goals safely and most effectively.


Image Have you ever seen happier people? It’s because they are walking, it’s magic!

On that note; when I say you should go out for a walk I am NOT talking about going out for a stroll.  Try to get your heart-rate up a bit when you’re out walking. Don’t just saunter around the shops and expect that to get you into shape. Make it a nice brisk walk. Don’t worry about jogging or any other exercise yet. If you can do more that’s great! If not, then walking for 30 minutes every day will be fine to start with.Walk to the corner shop, take the stairs rather than take a lift (elevator). The small changes will make a big difference.

Obviously you can do more exercise than just walking. You should be doing other forms of exercising but I am just relating this to someone who doesn’t exercise at the moment who needs something to get started.

If you are thinking of signing up to a gym, and maybe even working with a personal trainer, make sure they know you have Type-2 diabetes. Also make sure that your Personal Trainer is knowledgeable enough to deal with it and can prepare an exercise program accordingly. 

Obviously, if you’re looking for a Personal trainer that knows how to deal with clients with diabetes, can get you fit safely and effectively and you live in Edinburgh..give me a call 🙂


Take care,

Your friend,



3 comments on “Blog 18-07-13 How to deal with Type 2 Diabetes; Diet and exercise

  1. RogueGirl

    Peter, this was awesome. Seriously.

    As someone who was recently diagnosed (although I may be in a little bit of denial – all my numbers seem to be “high” normals with the exception of the horrible glucose drink one.), I’ve immediately, er, walked into action.

    I’m walking to and from work. I’m eating veggies and fruit more. The “interesting” thing I’ve noticed is, I have days where I don’t eat. It’s the paranoia of not knowing what the food is doing to me. And I mean I’m making things like spinach salad with mandarins, sliced raw almonds, pepitas, that sort of thing.

    Seriously wish I was in Edinburgh. Have you ever thought of relocating to Toronto? 😀

    • Hey Rogue,

      Thanks for your kind comment.

      The “not eating because I’m scared” thing is a very common response. Unfortunately it is absolutely the wrong thing to do for someone with Type-2 diabetes.
      Just cut out all the processed foods and refined sugary nonsense and you’re bound to be OK.

      Let me know how you get on.


  2. chowhanjeet

    It is possible to manage type 2 diabetes with diet and exercise, for some people. Not everyone will have the same results. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, blood glucose levels are still too high.If you have Type 2 diabetes, work with your doctor to see if losing weight, exercise and good eating habits can control your blood glucose. Test your blood glucose often to make sure you’re staying in a good range.

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