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4 Simple ways to lose weight and enjoy life

Hi guys,


Edinburgh_Arthur_Seat_dsc06165 Edinburgh’s finest.

I was walking around Arthur’s seat last night, it was a beautiful evening in Edinburgh. Sunny but not too hot it was a great day to walk little Lola around the park there. I then saw an ad on a bus driving past talking about “Fast ,easy, weightloss.” and it made me think that it’s been a while since I wrote about weightloss.

play with me Gratuitous picture of Lola.

Obviously I always give my clients food plans/nutrition guides but they are not usually very strict. I care about macros and calorie-intake but not so much about how you hit that and I’m happy if you get near enough there 80-90% of the time as that pretty much guarantees you results.

However I always like to break things down and have some fairly simple rules that I like to live by myself;

Wipptaler Berglamm Tell me this isn’t beautiful

1; Eat real food. Unless you’re a bodybuilder or train very intensely you probably don’t need to take a protein shake and protein shakes are the only shakes there’s a reason for taking. Don’t do Herbalife, Slimfast, Shakeology or any of that stuff, you don’t need it and it’s simply not good for you.

dinner party You’re supposed to enjoy it.

2; Enjoy life. If you are having a dinner party you should enjoy it. If you’re going out for a nice meal make sure you enjoy it. Don’t be one of those people that sits grumpy at a table worrying about whether that main course is lean enough when everyone else is having a nice fillet of beef. (here‘s a little link for you to a lovely Beef fillet recipe that probably won’t fit a bodybuilder’s macros but you’ll be fine)

A slice of homebaked cake is OK. Effort has been put in to making it and it’s usually much better than whatever storebought gumph someone can bring in to the office. Don’t have a slice everyday though, right? Keep it in moderation.

Fit take the stairs

3; Stay active. I’m not telling you to train like a machine every day, though that would help. But walk places, take the stairs, get off the bus at an earlier stop etc. Whatever you can do to move more will really help. Of course training regularly is important for many reasons; Toning up, strength, bone density, flexibility etc. but it’s only of marginal benefit for weightloss.

Sleeping-Beauty-Wallpaper-sleeping-beauty-6259616-1024-768 Don’t sleep too much though.

4. Take care of yourself. Drink enough fluids (0.03L of water for every Kg of bodyweight), get enough sleep. Make sure you get enough fresh air and relax a shouldn’t be too stressful.



Take care of yourself





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  1. contemplatingstyle

    Awesome tips 🙂

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