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I’m with “The Donald”, it’s all Fake News!

Hi guys,


Hope you’re all well.

I have a confession to make; I’m with “The Donald”.

Trump Loves nothing more than a compliment.


Not in the ranty “I hate immigrants and climate change is bollocks” sort of way but I’m with him on the media…..Well, OK…again not completely. Mainly just when it comes to fitness related news.

It really is dire what the news and television media report and how they report it.

The tone of many a story is either;

The EASY way to lose weight“, “How to get rid of that post-baby fat“, “Here’s the secret to losing weight FAST by (insert celebrity)’s Personal Trainer here” or “Overweight people are munters who nobody wants to breed with

And it’s inevitably written by someone trying to sell whatever shitty e-book they’ve just written or a studio owner who is a “trainer to the stars”, and therefore must know what they’re talking about. After all, it’s not likes celebrities ever spout nonsense about health and fitness.  It’s very tempting to forget that celebrities are not experts since the media constantly “reminds” you that they are better than you.
A good article about health and fitness should be informative, not about what new book is out but giving you information on what would work for you, and what to be aware of.

It should be positive, without claiming things are “easy”. Yes, realistic goals are achievable but will require effort. The Fitness industry is full of people claiming things can be done without any sacrifice or effort and that’s just not the way life works.

I stay well clear of articles such as the one written by Nick up there. This whole “evolution means nobody likes you” shows that not only is he lacking in historical knowledge with regards to body-type and biology, it also shows his character and that he’s bought into his own bullshit for way too long. I’m leaving the fact that he doesn’t seem to know the difference between overweight (BMI 25-30) and obese (BMI 30+) out of it. The reason I selected this article is because of how toxic articles like this, and it’s authors, are. Things like this won’t get you any nearer your goals, no matter what your goals are.

positive energy Think about it.

The final point I’ll make it on the “How to get rid of that post-baby fat” which focusses on completely the wrong thing. Telling women that they need to focus on fat-loss as soon as they’ve given birth is ridiculous and ignores focussing on women’s health.

I get why they do it, the fitness industry mainly peddles products based on fear and insecurity. It’s easier to scare than to inspire. It’s easier to tap into a fear, which most women have had forever, than to convince people that it’s OK for them to be a bit heavier after they’ve just given birth.

And since most of the fitness industry is tailored around weightloss, rather than health, trainers and coaches don’t focus on fixing issues like Diastasis Recti, hip issues and pelvic floor problems.

Which brings me back to The Donald; He really is excellent at selling fear, the best…the greatest. He’s really good at pretending that there’s a magic solution to whatever the problem is, and he definitely agrees with Nick on women. When it comes to health and fitness, the Donald IS the mainstream media.

trump mind blown Mind = blown! Didn’t see that one coming.

To summarise, stay clear of the mainstream media gumph on health and fitness…and obviously, stay well clear of “the Donald”.


Take care of yourself.







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