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Exercise is YOUR time, and that’s OK.

Hi guys,


I was with one of my post-natal clients today and the following topic came up;

She’s just over half-way through her New Mom package and she’s making great progress. Her core is activating really well and her tummy is completely flat. We were talking about her latest 10 minute home-routine and she said that she “Doesn’t feel her core activating as much as she used to now that she moved her exercise time”. I’m paraphrasing a little bit but that’s what it boiled down to.

This is a very busy lady and she not only has a shiny new baby but also an older, very cool, child. Oh, and a very busy job and a million other things on the go at all times. She used to do her exercises in the evening when the house was quiet and the kids were sound asleep. So because she has more energy during the day she changed her exercise slot to the early morning. I think we can all agree that that makes complete sense. The one, little, downside to this was that her older one was already up as well and in the room where she was doing her exercises.

mom and baby exercising You know my feelings on this sort of stuff.


Obviously exercise should always fit around your schedule. If you find that you don’t have the time, inclination or energy to do it in the evening then doing some exercise in the morning makes complete sense. However exercise, especially for new-moms when muscle activation is more important than ever, has to be about YOU.

If you focus on the muscles you are supposed to be working when doing an exercise those muscles will contract much better than when you’re just going through the motions thinking about something else, such as the little man running riot in the room, even if he is doing the exercises with you. If you focus only on your breathing, and the correct muscles, you will also get more peace mentally. Think of it as a little bit of “me-time”, mindfullness if you will.

buddy taking his 5 Buddy taking his 5


Your life is hectic enough as a mother to a new-born, especially if you already have one or two kids and a job on top of that, so that quiet time is really well deserved. And if that means whipping out the iPad to keep the oldest from distracting you for 10 minutes that is more than justified.


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