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Castle Personal Training is a Corstorphine, Edinburgh based company who specialise in weightloss/toning and Pre and Post Natal exercise.

Slaters or Saville row?

Hi Guys,


I was asked the other day why someone would pay a Personal Trainer when they could just go to online and buy a program. Now I have to say I obviously have a vested interest here and I’m not talking about wanting to sell you programs. I love guys like Jeff, Funk and everybody knows I adore Jessie. I consider them amongst the best coaches in the world at what they do and, even better, I consider them friends. I don’t mind linking to their websites and definitely highly recommend them.

You can get some really cool programs that are great value for money. Basically for $100 or so you get a great workout program. These things are one-size-fits-all but they’ll do the job if you’re self-motivated and don’t have any particular areas that need a bit of extra work or are completely aware of them. As I said; I highly recommend getting one.


Having said that; What you get when you buy a program is not what you get when you buy PT which is why the above-mentioned guys also offer PT.

When you buy Personal Training with a good PT you get a tailored approach to your training. Tailored to your work schedule and home life, tailored to your specific goals, strengths and weaknesses. Tailored to the way you like to train and at your pace.

If you need a bit more motivation and accountability your PT will give you that. If you have a little imbalance here or there your PT can sort that out for you. If you struggle doing a certain exercise your PT will find a way to get you either better at it or work the right muscles some other way. One of the things I heard from a client this morning was “I don’t hate training anymore when training with you” and that was from someone who had tried every class and club in town. It’s also like having a professional gym-buddy; You show up for your training when you have an appointment, a program doesn’t do that. A PT can push you harder, teach you more and show you things you hadn’t even considered yourself. If you suffer from neck or back pain a standard program won’t fix that.

Basically it’s the difference between buying off the rack and buying something tailor-made for you. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive but I think we all know a tailor-made suit always sits and looks nicer.


badly fitted and well fitted suit And that, in short, is the difference.


And if you want to know whether it’s worth it, just ask my current and former clients whom I sure will all say that it’s a no-brainer.

Take care of yourself,



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