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Blog 24-12-13; The 8 most inspiring pictures and slogans I found this year

Hi guys,


Another one of those “My god, I really want to get another blog out and am looking to recycle some material” posts 😉

Seriously though, these are mainly things I have posted on our Facebook pagebut haven’t posted on the blog yet. It fits nicely into my “Let’s be positive” spirit so here we go;



Just a beautiful saying.



I always tell my clients to say this to their lazy friends whenever they say “Go on, have another drink!” or “Go on, have a massive piece of cake”



It’s simply vital to success, therefore important to remember to do.



Something to remember when the scales don’t move quickly enough in the right direction.



This is the first thing I tell my clients. Believe it or not, I only weigh 2 of my clients and that’s only because it works for them. Everybody else works with Before and After pictures or dress sizes. Weight is not something we pay a lot of attention to and my clients are happier because of it and stay exercising for longer because of that approach.



It’s all in the mind, it really is.



It’s much more important to be supportive of others than it is to be jealous of them. The above is a great reminder of that.


That’s all for me until after Christmas, have a great holiday all and I’ll see you on the other side.


Your friend,




P.S. Thanks to all the guys creating these pictures and, in the case of the ones I made myself, share and share alike. Copyright is nonsense.


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