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3 things for mommies to ask when looking for a Personal Trainer

Hi guys,


It’s a bleak day in Edinburgh, it’s spring time and therefore soaking wet ;), and that always seems to help me with my writer’s block so here’s another little blog for you.

People often ask me what they should look for in a Personal Trainer and I usually give them the standard answers; Qualifications, Experience, Personality match etc. but my experience in dealing with mums to be and new mums made me realise that certain questions that you should ask are often forgotten about so here are 3;


1; What is your cancellation policy? 

no sleep

This is a biggy. When you are pregnant, especially later on in the pregnancy or if you’re having twins, you will get tired a lot. Unfortunately you might not be able to sleep at night because things can get a bit uncomfortable. Obviously when you are a new-mommy your baby can make sure you don’t get enough sleep, or throw a last minute wobbly, which means you need to cancel your session at the last minute. If your PT has a 24 hour cancellation policy that will make things rather expensive.


2; How do you schedule your clients?

I never schedule my clients back-to-back, unless I really can’t help it or am doing someone a favour, and don’t think any Personal Trainer who does post-natal training should. Let me describe the following scenario to you;

You have a 12 o’clock PT session and are ready to leave at 11.40. The little one has been fed and is ready to nap at the “child-friendly” studio and you’re all set. Then there is a sudden, and rather unexpected, flubbery sound accompanied by a pungent, but familiar, smell arising from your beautiful prince or princess. Now they need a quick wash and you’re running 20 minutes late.


baby taking a poo Oh-Oh.

If your Personal Trainer schedules clients back-to-back this means that you’re probably stressing now and will likely miss a large chunk of your session. So you might as well write it off right? If however your PT has gaps between each client then you can just send him/her a little text telling him you’ll be late and don’t need to worry about it.


3; Can I meet some of your other new mommy/post natal clients?

I highly recommend this. Ask other clients who are in a similar situation as yourself what their Personal Trainer is like, whether he or she helped and whether the client feels their needs were understood. Obviously a Personal Trainer’s website should already give you a  good idea what they’re like through blogs etc. but it helps to have a chat with some people in the same position as yourself.

moms It could be a big help.


Hope this helps.


Take care





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  1. Excellent! #4- do you “”Walkthetalk”? The Trainer Boxing/Functional Training Club Hood River

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