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3 straight questions, 3 straight answers

Hi guys,

Should you take supplements? Do you need surgery to fix Diastasis Recti? What’s the best diet for losing weight?

Those are the three questions I will be dealing with in this little blog. They are all questions that came up in recent weeks, mainly through emails I recieved, and there’s a lot of conflicting information, and outright BS, out there.


1; Should you take supplements?

bodybuilding-supplements-690x460 What a waste of money.

In short; No. You don’t need to take protein powders, creatine, glutamine, vitamin pills etc. if you are a normal healthy human being. If you’re a bodybuilder you’re likely to need a protein shake regularly. If you’re not then you can get enough protein through your normal diet. There’s nothing wrong with protein shakes but you don’t NEED to spend money on them if you eat proper food.

Multi vitamins are only of benefit if your diet is terrible and if you’re reading this you’re likely to be an adult so should be eating like one. Eat your fruit and veg and you’ll be fine. There is evidence to suggestthat people in certain countries, like the UK, need to take a Vit D supplement but your generic multi vitamins are likely to be a waste of money.

If you’re pregnant you will need to supplement with Folic Acid, probably Iron etc. but your medical professional will advise you of this.

If your PT tries to sell you any kind of supplements you need to tell them to go away.


2; Do you need surgery to fix Diastasis Recti?

Usually;  No…thank goodness. Surgery for Diastasis Recti is a major procedure and a very messy one. I have been specialising in post-natal exercise for a while now and have yet to come across a lady with DR whose situation I could not improve massively with the correct exercises. I’ve had mommies come in with 3 year old DR that’s more than 5 centimeters and have managed to bring that down to 13mm within 13 weeks, although it does involve a fair bit of hard work for the mommy 🙂


3; What’s the best diet for losing weight?


In short; Whatever works for you in the long run. I find that most of my clients benefit from just eating at a slight (200-300 calorie) deficit and eating normal “proper” food most of the time. Beating yourself up over a take-away or packet of crisps, convincing yourself that anything not in your meal plan is “bad” and cutting out entire food groups usually doesn’t work in the long run. Don’t get me wrong; the DASH diet, Atkins etc. can be very effective and I’m not saying you shouldn’t go on them..but they are not the be all and end all.


Finally just a little reminder that the Pre-Post Natal exercise Manual is ready and that every mommy in Edinburgh, who has given birth in the past 2.5 years, can book their free run through of it. Just go to the Facebook page and find a time that suits you. Completely free, no sales, physical exercise advice from an expert…only with Castle Personal Training.


Take care of yourself,




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