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Blog 26-04-14 Own up to your mistakes…and more free workouts!

Hi guys,

Hope you all are keeping well.



A situation came up this week that reminded me of the 12 step post I did a while ago. If you recall, Step 10 is all about “admitting promptly when you are wrong”. I have been trying to make this a big part of my life.

Nobody’s perfect and, as we all make mistakes every now and again, it’s important to own up and move on. I am not saying I get this right all the time, I can be quite stubborn occasionally , but it has started to bother me a lot when others simply refuse to take this step.


If you make a mistake, or you get something wrong, it is a lot easier to just admit it there and then than it is to keep running with it or hide it and worry about whether you’ll get found out or not. People tend to respect those who admit their flaws a lot more than those who don’t. If you make a mistake at work and own up to it as soon as you realise you made a boo-boo your boss is likely to just say “No worries, it happens..try not to let it happen again. thanks for being honest with me”. If you make a mistake and then try to cover it up and then your boss finds out you are much more likely to hear “Consider this your final warning” or even “Yeah, I’m going to have to let you go”.

The same goes for everyone on a fitness-journey. If you have a day, or week, where your exercise levels drop and your crappy food intake goes through the roof don’t tell your Personal Trainer that you’ve been good that week. It really does nothing for you, you’re lying to yourself and, even worse, your PT knows you are…trust me.


Everybody has slips, if you’ve had a crap week at work and ate Domino’s 3 times to compensate and make you feel better, tell me. I won’t judge. If you are feeling a bit down for whatever reason and didn’t do your cardio sessions, tell me. I might just be able to come up with a solution.

Other personal trainers regularly ask me for advice…and a lot of the time it goes along these lines;

“I train this client twice a week. She does 2 cardio sessions on top of this and I have given her a food-list which she says she is sticking to. But she’s not losing any weight/fat. What should I do?”

My response, unfortunately, is almost always; “Your client is lying to you. Ask her what’s really going on.”

See, the problem for this PT is that if you train a client for a while and they are not getting any results, this client will resent spending money on personal training. They will never recommend anyone to him and, worst of all, they will never be asked “Wow, you look amazing!! How did you do that?”.

Image It’s how I make a living.

For personal trainers this is the most important question you can be asked. This questions is what leads to motivated clients and referrals and that is the lifeblood of any PT business. Every PT worth their salt is in it to get you results, not to just take your money. Be honest with your PT and, most importantly, with yourself. If you have a problem that is stalling your progress, talk it out so that you can sort it out and get back to getting results.


Anyway, that’s enough of my little rant…time to get you some free stuff



The last free workouts were pretty well received so I thought I’d post a couple more. It’s in PDF format again so just click the link and the page will open. You can then download the PDF. Completely free, no email address or registration nonsense required

Remember you will get them if you go to my Facebook page as well, I am more active on that as it’s simply a much easier format for posting on. Like the page and you’ll be kept up to date and see all the cool motivational stuff that crops up a lot and what I spend a lot of the time creating.

Insane leg and glute sculpting circuit

Fat burning resistance cardio!

Get it done and let me know whether you liked them or not.


Take care,



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