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Free workouts that prove you don’t need a lot of kit

Hi guys,


The other day I wrote in my blog that equipment is the last thing I look at when considering where to train and I was asked someone what my favourite exercise routines that only use a couple of items look like.

So here we go; 2 simple workouts for which you need no more than 2 pieces of kit. Make no mistake though, these are HARD!!

tough doing it right

The first is a very simple, 2 exercise only routine.

You will need a medium kettlebell. By medium I mean a weight that you can just about do 15 normal clean and presses with. For me this is a 20Kg Kettlebell.

Grab a medium slam-ball. Medium is the weight that you can do 15 slams with. For me a 15Kg Slamball works a treat.

The second is a barbell complex, with thanks to my friend Funk Roberts, for which the weight is determined by the weight you can do 7 reps of military presses with. Everything else is the same weight as you use the same bar.

That’s a total of 3 pieces of kit over these two workouts and I guarantee these will be some of the toughest full body workouts you come across.

Downloads are available below as well; It’s a straight MS Word file dropbox download so no funny business with email addresses.



terrible feeling after workout

Have fun and let me know how you get on!


P.S. We’ll be working on the website over the next month or so. Loads of changes coming up to the look and formatting so make sure you check it out.

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