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The importance of taking 5

Hi guys,

As I sit here in the comfort of the sitting area in the studio in sunny Leith I thought I’d share a thought or two.

I quite often have a small gap in my schedule, I never schedule clients back to back as I like to make sure they never feel rushed, which is partly why I put a comfy seating area in the studio. It’s not only a nice place for clients to grab a coffee/tea and a chat but also a place for me to just take 5 and relax.

image Listen to the frog.

It’s amazing how grabbing 5-10 minutes to relax every now and again has an effect on the rest of the day. Even though I gave up my extremely stressful career years ago I still find that the old brain gets cluttered every now and again.
Obviously running your own studio, writing several articles each month, and keeping up to date with the latest research in weightloss, and post natal exercise comes with its own level of stress and confusion and it’s easy to lose yourself in this.

Sitting still for 5-10 minutes and just enjoying a cup of tea, or playing with the dog, can really help your focus. A lot of people I know try to switch off by watching TV or sitting on Facebook but that really isn’t switching off and it definitely does not help clear your mind. I’ve never heard anyone say “Well that 10 minutes of Candy Crush really set me up for the rest of the day” so I always recommend staying away from that sort of thing. Switching off means just that, kick back and nothing for a while. Don’t run through your to do list in your mind, don’t check your emails and don’t do “that one little thing”.


Stress has a tremendously negative effect on the body and mind, I find it’s one of the biggest issues most of my clients face in their health and weightloss battle. Especially when you’re a mom-to-be or new mommy, stress can have a massive impact on your life. Finding that 5 minutes to do nothing will make your busy life significantly easier.

So take care of yourself and take that 5 minutes.

Well that’s my next client in,  21 weeks pregnant with twins and still showing up to train 3 times a week. Who said you need to stop training when pregnant?

Take care,


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