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Blog 26-04-13 When a shake is your “healthiest meal of the day” you need a new diet!

Hi guys,

Just a brief one as these guys are doing my head in;


Do you know someone who’s on the “shakeology” program? You can usually tell when they are as they won’t shut up about it. It’s like a little cult where people who spend a lot of money on unproven products tell themselves, and you, that they are healthier than you. Most of the guys shouting the loudest about it’s amazing benefits also happen to be selling the product. It’s all very convenient.

Shakeology is owned and sold by Beachbody. The guys of the 21 day reset nonsense I wrote about the other week. The claim it’s “an ultra premium nutritional health shake, provides the widest array of nutrients from around the world in a nutrient-dense but low calorie formula”.

Great. Well it definitely is premium @ $4 per serving. Sure, they will argue that a mochafrappuchino will also cost you $4 and therefore it’s a fair comparison but that’s clearly bollocks. The mochafrappulatte doesn’t claim to be very good for you and you know it’s no substitute for a proper meal.

The only thing you can compare it to is another Meal Replacement. and do them for approx $1 a serving. Even Herbalife, and you know the contempt I have for those clowns, sell them cheaper.

Sure, with the myprotein one you don’t get all the unproven super-nonsense that’s in the Beachbody one but, on the plus side, you get all your vitamins and DOUBLE the amount of protein in 1 serving. I would think that protein, which is vital for making sure you keep the muscle that you’ve been working so hard for, would be more important to you than “adaptogens” which Beachbody claims puts in their shakes…which don’t work.

At the end of the day, ANYBODY who claims Shakeology is amazing and wonderful and then says “Try it for yourself! Here’s a link to my store!” should be treated with the contempt they deserve.


You know I am a big fan of eating proper food. REAL food, food you actually cook yourself. If however you need an MRP shake don’t buy them from clowns who claim that the shake is the healthiest meal of the day. A shake is a shake, it’s a meal replacement intended to make sure you get enough of your macro and micro-nutrients and you don’t under eat. It is not supposed to be the healthiest thing you have that day.

That’s what real meals are for so get cooking!

Take care.

Your Friend,



p.s. I was going to do a little piece on the ingredients in the shakeology shake but will let you have a look for yourself

shakology-ingredients-227x300 Hint; Look at the split between Carbs/Proteins and Fats and then do the math and tell me if you think this is a healthy split.

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