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Blog 06-02-14 Judge not, and you shall not be judged.

Hi guys,


One of my core beliefs these days is that you should not judge another person’s fitness journey. Help others if you can, of course, but don’t criticize someone else who goes about being healthy a different way from you.

I firmly believe that if someone is happy doing LSD-cardio or Zumba 12 times a week in an effort to lose weight they should not be criticised for it. It might not be the most effective way to get healthy but if it works for them, and they are happy with the results, that’s great. You can give them advice and say “It would actually be really good for you if you did some resistance training as well as it will protect your joints and help improve posture” but you should never go “What you’re doing is all wrong, no wonder you look like shit”.

In the same way that I don’t like to hear guys who lift have a pop at people who are more into functional training, such as TRX/Kettlebells etc, I don’t like to hear people who do TRX have a pop at people who lift heavy all the time. If you train hard and eat well you’ll be fine. As long as you’re happy doing what you’re doing and are getting the results you want it is nobody’s business how you train.

Now don’t get me wrong; the above obviously only goes if you follow the 12 Steps. If you are lying to yourself that “I am happy being a size 26 and being at risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke etc. so will just keep stuffing my face with muffins as it’s easier than admitting that I don’t like where I am and training hard to lose that fat.” this obviously does not go for you. You need some home-truths and the “fat acceptance” movement is nothing but a bunch of people lying to themselves.

The reason for this post is the, quite shocking, reaction by many people on Social Media to the physique of the winner of The Biggest Loser (Season 15) Rachel Frederickson.

Image That’s the same girl BTW.

I follow a lot of people on “weight-loss journeys” on Facebook. It’s one of those “like-for-like-swaps” sort of things but some of them are actually really cool blogs. The amount of “discussion” yesterday brought home the point though that people find it easier to judge others rather than look at themselves and see where they are falling down.

A lot of the comments were simply not helpful, quite a few of them vile, and it reminded me that this goes on too much; In offices, on the streets, on Facebook and in gyms, people judge others rather than look at themselves. Especially people who are not in a position to judge, IOW people who have failed or are nowhere near completing their own journey, were judging Rachel yesterday. I saw one woman, who weighed in at 200Lbs and hadn’t shifted any fat in 6 months as “she is just struggling to find time”, post “She looks disgusting and this is just wrong”. A huge part of me wanted to just post “YOU WEIGH 200Lbs PUT DOWN THE COOKIES AND MOVE!!”. but I managed to ignore it, just.

The excuse that “She went onto TV and therefore is open to abuse” is bollocks; You are just being nasty and there is no need to be.

Think about it for a moment; At first Rachel was on the show to lose weight and improve her health but then she had a shot at winning a $250k competition. That’s right, a competition. TBL is NOT a healthy-body program, it’s a “let’s lose as much weight as you can as quickly as you can so you can win a boatload of money” program.

Did she look healthy? No of course not, but she was “competition ready”. Do Bodybuilders look healthy when they compete? No they don’t. Their bodyfat %s are way to low to be considered healthy. That’s why, after the competition, they will gain some fat again.

Image If you think this is the picture of health, think again.

Rachel lost 160Lbs, most of that weightloss was a good thing and she needed to lose it to stop herself being at risk of obesity related diseases. The last 20Lbs or so was to win a competition with a $250k first prize. She did it, good for her, she should be applauded for the effort and sacrifice she made. She should not have to log onto Facebook or Google her name the following day only to find she is called “disgusting” by a whole bunch of people who watch telly all day and can’t be bothered getting off their arse themselves. She won, now she can go back to living a healthy lifestyle. 

Realise that people don’t need your, or my, approval. What they need is your support. There is a big difference between the two.



The sooner you accept that being negative of other people’s training is slowing down your own progress, and your own happiness, the better. Allowing negativity into your life will never lead to positive results. Have another read over the 12 steps, especially Step 7 and 10, and be happy.


Take care.




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