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Castle Personal Training is a Corstorphine, Edinburgh based company who specialise in weightloss/toning and Pre and Post Natal exercise.

Best Personal Trainer in Scotland or Edinburgh? I’m not sure

Hi guys,

One of the questions I get asked every now and again is the old “So are you the best PT in Scotland?” or “Who’s the best Personal Trainer in Edinburgh, other than yourself?” and the answer is always the same; I don’t know.

AND-THE-AWARD-GOES-TO It’s Oscar season.

“The best Personal Trainer in Edinburgh” very much depends on your goals, and I don’t know all PTs in Scotland so I can’t even begin to answer it.

As an aside; When it comes to Pre- and Post-natal Personal training we are at least near the top in Scotland, if not the top, but I can’t give a definitive answer where we rank.

I have written many times about how to find the best Personal Trainer for you;

I do like to point out though that there are no Personal Trainer competitions. Most PTs never meet up to compete with eachother and see who beats whom in specific areas. We don’t sit around a table and drop knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb in an effort to establish ourselves as top-dog.


There are also no real competitions to “Find the best Personal Trainer” in a certain area. There is no public vote to find the best personal trainer in Edinburgh. I don’t even know of any meaningful awards, all the ones listed in that link are BS, to find the best personal trainer anywhere. I do read a lot of gumph in certain newspapers listing “the best” but that’s usually based around which celebrity a PT happens to train.

So when someone claims they “have been voted the best Personal Trainer in X” please take it with a pinch of salt and realise that, much like this blog, they were probably only saying that to hit a certain number of Google keywords.

Here’s a link to the brilliant Dave Gorman explaining how all these awards are just marketting gimmicks and, actually, an outright scam.

Dave Gorman’s Modern Life is Goodish, series 3, episode 8. for those of you without UKTV access.

Remember that “The best Personal Trainer” is completely subjective and those who claim they are the best, probably just don’t know that many personal trainers.

Here’s a picture of a kitten to brighten up your day


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