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Make sure you ask the experts. Some advice is just terrible.

Hi guys,


expert Yes we’re back on this subject again.


I try not to read the tabloids over here as most of them are full of nonsense. every now and again, however, someone comes to me with an article and asks me my opinion.

This weekend I was given a booklet written by Scottish Slimmers that was included in one of the bigger tabloids in Scotland. Scottish Slimmers are a Weightwatchers like organisation but apparently these guys really have no idea what they are doing whereas Weightwatchers have at least changed their advice over the past few years.

The advice in this leaflet is just stonkingly bad. A typical day looks like this;

“Special” breakfast;

“30g of Special K or Special K Bliss or Special K Sustain with 150ml skimmed milk “

Other than the blatantly obvious “Are these clowns getting paid by Special K?” question. It’s a breakfast full of sugar and guaranteed to have you feeling hungry after about 15 minutes.


Eggs, chips & peas.

“Dry-fry or poach 1 medium egg and oven bake 100g frozen weight McCain’s Home Chips. Serve with 2 rounded tbsp peas and grilled tomatoes.”

That’s right, you heard it here first. Eggs and chips are apparently a completely acceptable lunch for someone looking to lose fat. 2 (!!) whole tables spoons of peas and some tomatoes is enough veg to go with your chips here to make it a healthy meal.

Finally Dinner

Quorn Fillet

Serve with 275g of potato, microwaved or jacket baked (apparently boiling them is a no-no) and no-check salad or vegetables.

Every day

150ml skimmed milk

125g pot fat-free yogurt (their spelling, not mine)

1 cooking apple, baked or stewed.


IMG_0001Just in case you didn’t believe me

So there we are. Approx 70% of all the calories you’ve had throughout the day will be carbs, 20% was fat and 10% protein. You will be hungry most, of not all, of the day and you’ll have had extremely little in the way of vitamins and minerals.

Advice like this, being widely distributed by a tabloid newspaper, is why an enormous percentage of people are now either obese or skinny fat. In Scotland this figure now stands at approx 68% of men and 61% of women.

The problem with an organisation such as Scottish Slimmers is that the local support groups are all run by people with no experience or certification in Nutrition. They have no idea that the advice they are giving is bad or indeed why it is bad. If you look at the lunch suggestion again it should be obvious that these guys have no idea what they are doing. Who on earth suggests that a children’s breakfast is an acceptable lunch for an adult? However they still charge you for their services as they know they can get away with it.

Most people keep searching for that magic bullet so they’ll try to get you to sign up by making you think “Wow, I can have chips and lose weight!” and then they’ll fail as they find they are hungry throughout the day and therefore eat more. They stick to eating the crappy foods that made them overweight in the first place as the diet they’ve been on doesn’t advise them not to.

Scottish Slimmers have the gall to charge £20 a month (for their online “support” which is run by people with no certification) + £5 a week for attending a “class”. Their classes are all run by people with no experience or background in nutrition and are essentially just weekly weigh-ins coupled with the bad advice listed above.

This is why I always recommend only dealing with people who know what they are doing. Ask if someone holds the right qualifications to be giving you advice and remember that there is no magic bullet.


Tasty Salmon Better than egg and chips, and tastier.

If you are on a budget take a look at our Ultimate Nutrition Support package. It’s only £19.95 a month and it’s personalised advice tailored to you. We hold the qualifications and have the experience you’d expect from someone giving you advice. And we have never told anyone it’s OK to have eggs and chips for lunch.


Take care,







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